Benromach Whisky Tasting, 26 July, Icon Village

Benromach is a hand crafted whisky distillery that brings out the taste of the classic pre-1960s Speyside whiskies. Why?

"Before the mid 1960s, Speyside distilleries malted their own barley. Hidden away in remote glens, they’d top up their fires with cuts of local peat when coal was running low. These slices were enough to impart a touch of smoke in the region’s whisky. And, with the advent of new commercial maltings in the swinging ‘60s, this subtle Speyside smokiness was lost to the world. But only for a while. Because our family bought the mothballed Benromach Distillery and gave the world back this lost style of whisky. But it’s not just the peat that makes the difference. Numerous nuances go into creating the classic character of Benromach."

Start off the tasting by trying your hand at making a whisky cocktail, then sip on these award winning whiskies, plus a pairing platter of finger foods specifically chosen to bring out the flavours of these finely crafted spirits.

We know that any good drink pairs best with great company, so be sure to take advantage of our group discounts!

  • 1 ticket- $25
  • 2 tickets- $45
  • 3 tickets- $60
  • 4 tickets- $70

*Tasting fee is waived with purchase of any bottle of Benromach on the night of the tasting.

Thursday 26th July, 7-8:30

Icon Village, 12 Gopeng St

Contact Rachel 9692 1933 or Straits Wine Icon Village 6327 7433

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